anti-harrassment and
anti-Discrimination policy

Anti-Harrassment Policy

  • At ASCA Maritime FZE, it is imperative for every team member to honor the rights and privacy of others concerning personal opinions, religious beliefs, and personal life matters.

  • In the event that an employee experiences or is reported for physical or verbal abuse, Management is committed to promptly taking action against the responsible parties. This encompasses inappropriate remarks, jokes, or any behavior of a sexually oriented nature.

  • Management actively fosters a welcoming, harmonious, and respectful workplace environment, promoting an open-door policy for the discussion of grievances. This approach also involves convening meetings to swiftly address and resolve any minor issues that may arise.

  • Each employee is accountable for upholding acceptable standards of personal conduct within the corporate setting. It is their responsibility to contribute to an environment where all Company employees and individuals invited onto Company property/ships can fulfill their assigned duties in a business atmosphere devoid of harassment or discrimination.
  • The guiding principle is clear: “Employees must treat one another with respect, courtesy, consideration, and professionalism. The Company unequivocally disapproves of any form of harassment or discrimination by any employee, without exception. The Company prohibits not only illegal harassment but also unprofessional and discourteous behavior.”

  • Other forms of harassment encompass any offensive, intimidating, or hostile behavior that could disrupt an employee’s job performance or jeopardize the safety and well-being of individuals on Asca Maritime’s premises. Employees are expected to communicate using mature language and uphold the highest standards of performance and personal conduct.

  • Harassment may originate from colleagues, supervisors, managers, or customers, affecting both men and women.

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