Ship supplies & Spares

Ship Supplies and Spares

ASCA Maritime provides a full range of Ship Supply Services, and offers items from the IMPA/ISSA catalogues in all ports and anchorages of the U.A.E. We maintain stocks of the most commonly supplied items in our warehouse, so that we can supply them on immediate request, even during holidays, weekends, overnight on 24×7 basis. Our warehouse is staffed by experienced and well-coordinated personnel.

The Ship Supplies we provide are of the highest quality standard and are competitively priced. We are keeping a world-wide network of supplier contacts, which enables us to supply your vessels in most countries around the Globe.

We can arrange supplies of the following products :

Ship Spare Parts

Engine Stores

Hand Tools

Cutting Tools

Packing and Jointing Tools







Deck Stores



Rigging Equipment

Safety Equipment


Ladders and Nets

Cabin Stores

Electrical Stores

Medical Stores

Marine Chemical

Cloth and Linen

Lubricant Services

ASCA Maritime has partnered with major lubricant suppliers and can arrange delivery of any lube oil products globally.
We are offering technical support of lubricant analysis, quality control, and full range of automotive lubricants at competitive prices and informed consulting.


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