Crew Manning

ASCA Maritime maintains a pool of Officers and Crew experienced in various types of vessels and has managed to preserve a high retention rate throughout the years.

  • We have always aimed in developing and collaborating with qualified and skilled seafarers to operate its fleet within a highly competitive environment
  • The wellbeing and constant development of our Crew an is the main attention of our company’s philosophy
  • Thoroughly scrutinizing new recruits while undergoing extensive and continuous training program ashore and onboard along with experienced crew members
  • Familiarization procedures on Company’s Policies and latest Regulatory framework prior deployment
  • Active rewarding strategy through promotion for hard working and reliable crewAS

ASCA Maritime has established cooperation with reputable manning agencies across major cities of Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, and China, based on the needs and requirements of our clients in order to maintain highest standards on its fleet.

ASCA evaluates cooperating agencies via frequent audits.

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