Health and Safety

ASCA Maritime is committed to providing quality, safe and efficient sea transportation, in agreement with national and international laws, rules and regulations and industry standards and with the highest regard for the health and safety of its personnel and the protection of the environment in a highly principled and respectable manner.

Covid-19 Update

Even before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), at ASCA Maritime, we continuously and consistently follow health protocols to protect all our people, onboard and ashore, and our customers while implementing and executing best practice policies to continue operating our vessels safely and efficiently.
Most of the countries around the globe and ports are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, however the rules being implemented by each to deal with it are varying (in degree and extent of additional controls) and some of the it are being implemented on short notice. Some of the countries have implemented quarantine lockdown of cities, which is seriously affecting the shipping business and it’s other services, as in some cases the vessels are being placed under compulsory quarantine for 14 days or more based on last port of call, even though there are no sick or infected crew members on board. This circumstance and such additional measures are beyond the ship’s control and may end up in some delay to vessel during port operations.
We are closely keeping eye and guiding the ships, executing best-practice health guidelines onboard to prevent a Covid-19 outbreak. Ship captains are performing their best to convince the authorities, by showing the effective execution of preventive measures on-board and working with the agents, terminals, and port authorities to hasten port operations as efficiently as local conditions allow them.

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